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Hi again!

The international conference on software testing and QA held by SQS every year in Bilbao, Spain, is about to start!

There is still time to register but hurry up! Will you miss it?

You can see the whole programme here and please, don’t hesitate to contact me ( to benefit from the special discounts we have for our readers.

See you at QA&TEST 2016!


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Software verification is the process by which a testing team is able of verifying a software solution. It is done by specification review, defined at documental phase of a software developing project. This verification phase is done in wide-open fields, such as medical and pharmaceutical industry, inventory management software, train control and air control systems and so others.

In the case that is getting covered by this article, FDA is the American regulation involving food and drug industries. This regulation is mandatory to be followed by every software getting used inside companies belonging to industry previously mentioned.

In addition, this regulation determines steps to be followed by testing groups to verify and certify software functionalities. This software functionalities need to be tested to assure a minimum level of quality desirable and need to be certified before getting them used into the industry. Otherwise, software solutions are avoided to be used.

These required minimums set forth through the phases that are to be carried out in design projects. The phases defined for a design project are: More info

Model verification for everyone

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When we are working in a software development project in which design and architecture are addressed by models (model-driven development), we will consider at some point the need of carrying out the tasks of their verification. In this context, the verification can be explained as the process of determining whether the implementation of the model and its associated data accurately represents the specification and the conceptual description of the developer. We must also answer the following question: Is the model coded right?

We will have at our disposal a wide range of software engineering techniques that will help us assess the extent to which the requirements for the simulation model and its conceptual design have been transformed into an accurate computational model. We shall then compare the elements or artefacts of a system simulation model with the description of what should be their requirements and capabilities. And for this we need to know today’s model verification methods:

More info


“What are the best practices for mobile app QA?” Article submitted by Sergio Lopez Tejeiro (Ankanetwork SL) – Free MWC ticket competition

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The first participant in our contest to win a free ticket to Mobile World Congreess, sent us an article that may be of your interest:

Based on his professional  experience, Sergio López  shows us which best practices we should follow when undertaking a process of mobile apps testing.

Remember that if you consider this information of interest and, in your oppinion, its author deserves to be the winner of the free ticket to MWC, you can vote for him just clicking on “like” More info

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Usability, usability and more usability.

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“My product does not fulfil customer usability requirements”.

“My customer gest lost using my product”.

“My users do not know how to use my Website, do not find what they are looking for and I cannot get their reliability and trust”.

Everybody has found one or more of these assertions when they have developed a product or when they have decided to create a website to facilitate users to reach their different services or products.

¿Is there any type of solution? Yes. Usability, usability and more usability. More info


Would you like to win a free ticket to visit the Mobile World Congress?

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One more year,  SQS will have a booth at the Mobile World Congress (22-25 February, Barcelona). We will present our mobile applications testing service  Q-Mobile, our web monitoring platform QMS and some of our testing tools as AgileReq or Testworkflow among others. Of course, you are welcome to visit us there!

As you might know, this month is special for us since we have open our blog and, because of that, we want to suggest a very interesting contest where the prize is….a free ticket to the Mobile World Congress!!! Fantastic prize, isn’t it?

More info

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Why is load and performance testing essential?

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In any software development project the testing is crucial point to ensure the expected quality of the application and to provide a robust and free of bugs software. Software testing provides information on the behavior of the system in different aspects and therefore gives us the keys to improve it.

There are, therefore, different types of tests (eg functional, interoperability, …) depending on the information we seek. Load and Performance are a type of tests that that gives us information about the system behavior under different situations of expected and unexpected load. These tests allow us to know how a system will behave in the production environment. The importance of load and performance testing  is easily understood if we look at the number of applications that crash in situations of peak loads or offer response times that are unacceptable for the end user. The response time of an application is usually a key factor for an application and therefore for the market success of the service that implements. More info

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European Trains at risk of being Hacked? (Article from Hackread)


One of the principal sectors of activity for  SQS is railways, for this reason we find particularly interesting this piece of news:

A trio of russian hackers revealed numerous bugs in the train systems of many of europe’s railway companies, saying that hackers and terrorists can easily exploit them to derail or even hijack the trains. More info