About SQS

SQS S.A. is the leading company in software quality consultancy services. All our services and our products are focused on the quality assurance of our customers' software products and developments. We have managed to achieve this objective through our consultancy services, our training programmes and by developing new tools.


Software Quality Systems S.A. was set up as part of Innovalia and with the experience of the European SQS group. Right from the very start, we have always had one specific goal: to improve the quality of our customers’ software products through consultancy services, tools and training professionals.

Over the years, the work of the SQS team has been recognised by our customers and we are now the sector's leading consultants on the domestic market. This recognition has enabled us to continue as a specialist company and to take part as the benchmark in complex projects in specific sectors.

The sectors where most of the SQS projects are developed can be divided into two major groups. The Industrial group includes sectors such as Aeronautics, Car Manufacturers, Pharmacy, Railways or Machine-Tools. On the other hand, there are sectors such as Banking, Insurance or Telecommunications belonging to a group dedicated to the service sector. The goal is the same in all cases.

  • Software quality assurance
  • Process development assurance
  • Reduce the software development related costs

Apart from providing this type of services, SQS is firmly committed to R&D and promoting the "Software Quality Assurance" concept through its involvement in the Spanish Quality Assurance Agency, organising its periodic encounters with professionals from the sector or hosting the QA&TEST international conferences each year. This year has become a firm fixture on the calendar and is attended by representatives of companies worldwide who discuss and exchange information about Software quality assurance and testing.

SQS’s experience has proven that quality is fundamental to succeed.

SQS company has ISO 9001 for all its process management, ISO 20000 for its certification service for mobile applications Q-MOBILE, and has been accredited laboratory to perform load and performance testing according the criteria of UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.


Contact SQS

If you need more information, don't hesitate to contact us. We have offices throughout Europe; we will be happy to help you.

SQS Bilbao

Avda. Zugazarte 8, 6

48930 Getxo

Vizcaya - Spain

Tel.: +34 94 480 46 17

Fax: +34 94 480 42 47

E-mail: info@sqs.es

SQS Madrid

Alcalá, 35

28010 Madrid


Tel.: +34 91 531 05 12

Fax: +34 91 522 06 26

E-mail: info@sqs.es

SQS Barcelona

Ronda Sta. Eulália, 37

Nave 13

Parque Industrial Pallejá, 1

08780 Pallejá - Barcelona


Tel.: +34 936 633 043

Fax: +34 936 631 838

E-mail: info@sqs.es

SQS Brussels

Boulevard de la Cambre, 52

1000 Brussels


Tel.: +322 645 08 71

Fax: +322 648 70 77

E-mail: info@sqs.es

SQS Poland

Tel.: +34 94 480 46 17

Fax: +34 94 480 42 47

E-mail: info@sqs.es

Contact SQS

If you need more information, don't hesitate to contact us. We have offices throughout Europe; we will be happy to help you.


Innovalia Group

Belonging to Innovalia allows us to tackle complex innovation projects as Software quality assurance experts and provides flexibility in responding to our customers.

Innovalia is an alliance between companies that was set up in order to create strategies to design and execute projects in a flexible manner. We therefore tackle, as a group, complex projects setting up multi-discipline teams, coming our companies' efforts and thus meeting the specific requirements of each case.

Our work over recent years together with the successful outcome of the projects involving Innovalia has led to its being recognised as a Strategic Project by the Basque Government due to its advanced service technological contents.

Innovalia is made up of eight companies belonging to clearly differentiated yet related sectors.

Innovation consultancy

CARSA / www.carsa.es

Information Society

CBT / www.cbt.es

NEXTEL / www.nextel.es

SQS / www.sqs.es

Metrology and Quality

TRIMEK / www.trimek.com

DATAPIXEL / www.datapixel.com

UNIMETRIK / www.unimetrik.es

Technological Development

INNOVALIA ASSOCIATION / www.innovalia.org

Jobs at SQS

Be part of the leading provider of software quality consultancy services. Be part of a young, evolving and motivated team to give your best in every project. If you feel SQS has to be your next work place, please send us your resume.

Currently we are looking for professional for our offices in Madrid and Bilbao that fulfill the following profiles.

1. Engineer with experience in design, executing and managing test environments
2. Computer or telecommunications engineer; knowledge of the railway sector will be desirable
3. Engineer with experience in PLC development and testing, preferably SIEMENS
4. Salesperson
Fluent in English and Spanish
Willingness to travel
Willing to innovate and take on challenges