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March, 14 2019



Connected cars, artificial intelligence, internet of things, robots ... we live in a world of permanent connectivity and, therefore, it is vital that we are also well connected. In fact, numerous studies have indicated that networking is the key to 90% of the company's success. More specifically, some, such as the one conducted by the Stanford Research Institute, indicate that the success of a company is determined by 12.5% ??based on the knowledge and experience of employees and 87.5% on the ability they have to interact with other people, both inside and outside the company.



The first edition of QA&TEST Safety and Security aims to be the ideal forum for the exchange of experiences, initiatives and knowledge. In fact, all the attendees to the QA&TEST conferences during its 18-year history highlight its ideal size and structure to promote networking, with innumerable opportunities to expand our network while improving our knowledge with tools and methodologies that allow us to create more robust solutions. Certainly, attendees to QA&TEST Safety and Security will be able to take from the conference very useful and lasting over time professional relationships while knowing what is being done in other companies and sectors and how to implement those techniques or methodologies in their activity. Taking part in QA&TEST we will find the advice and the necessary motivation to face the new challenges that technology presents.

Nowadays there are many conferences whose topic is cybersecurity but QA&TEST Safety and Security is not a cybersecurity conference but addresses a specific problem that is essential if we want to develop "smart" solutions (Smart energy, Smart connected car ...) such as the aspects of Safety and Security. In most cases these two terms are treated as separate disciplines and the approach to both concepts or requirements is also done separately, with different teams involved in different phases of system development. The integration of both factors is not sufficiently explored or considered. In fact, measures adopted to mitigate risks that affect safety can be contradictory with security requirements and vice versa.

Currently it is not easy to access methodologies, techniques, tools or standards that allow us to effectively face the technical, regulatory, organizational and market challenges that such integration demands and thus, as a result of this reflection, the QA&TEST Safety and Security conference was born, with the aim of offering our attendees a meeting point between professionals from different sectors to have access to the approaches and good practices  in the different sectors, with the ultimate aim of being able to develop more competitive and robust solutions for the market with controlled levels of effort and cost.

January, 22 2019

QA&TEST Safety and Security. First speakers already published!

The organisation has just closed the Call for Papers  and QA&TEST Technical Committee members are immersed in the evaluation of the received papers. Some of the first speakers of QA&TEST Safety and Security conference are already published in our web.



The Inaugural Keynote Speaker of the conference, Carlos López Blanco, President of the Digitalization Commission in the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, will discuss the challenges and opportunities involved in the digital revolution including security, in its double aspect of Safety and Security, as a key element. Besides, Michael Stahl, from Intel, will address the validation of safe systems in the automotive sector and Praveenkumar Prem will analyse  security challenges in a DevOps environment. On top of all this, QA&TEST programme will offer the keys to a design of Safe and Secure interfaces with an expert as Philip Lew, from the company XBOSoft.

In the coming days, QA&TEST Safety and Security organisation will publish the rest of the programme presenting experts from Safety and Security in different domains such as Smart Cities, Railway, Critical Infrastructure or Aeronautics, among others. The conference’s purpose is offering a multidisciplinary and integrated vision of the problem and its solutions.

Tickets for the conference are already on sale and the organisation offers special discounts for groups of the same company looking for a complete training at QA&TEST Safety and Security.


November, 22 2018

QA&TEST Conferences Call for Papers are open!

If you wish to contribute to QA&TEST and be a speaker at our QA&TEST Embedded or QA&TEST Safety and Security conferences, do not miss the opportunity to participate in our Call for Papers.



The call for papers of QA&TEST Embedded can be found here: and will be open until the 4th of March.

The QA&TEST Safety and Security call for papers can be viewed here: and will close on the 15th January.

Proposals received will be evaluated by our international committee of experts and the programme will be presented at the end of January in the case of QA&TEST Safety and Security and early June for QA&TEST Embedded


February, 07 2019

QA&TEST Safety and Security: Opening

We keep incorporating very interesting news to the QA&TEST Safety and Security conference programme.

The opening of the event, which will take place on the 27th March at 9:00 in the morning, will be in charge of Jordi Llinares Sanjuan, deputy  director general of digitalization of the industry and collaborative environments.




From the organization of QA&TEST, we greatly appreciate Mr. Llinares his presence at the event, providing the strategic vision of the general sub-directorate of digitalization of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism.


November, 22 2018

SQS presents the first edition of QA&TEST Safety and Security

Next year 2019 will be full of great news in QA&TEST. The annual QA&TEST Embedded conference, organised by SQS and to be held in Bilbao on October 29th, 30th and 31st will be joined this year by QA&TEST Safety and Security , a follow-up conference created after a deep reflection and with the aim of responding to the enormous challenge that nowadays involves, both for development and for testing, the integration of safety and security aspects.



This first edition will be held in Madrid, on the 27th and 28th March.

The Call for Papers for both conferences will be open this week,  stay tuned!

More information:


August, 09 2018

Who organises QA&TEST?

QA&TEST International Conference on Software QA and Testing on Embedded Systems

17-18-19 October – Euskalduna Conference Centre - Bilbao, Spain



SQS, Software Quality Systems, organises QA&TEST since the very beginning and this year the event will celebrate its 17th edition.


SQS, as the leading provider of software quality consultancy and testing services, has witnessed how their customers improve the quality of their software developments while dramatically reducing the costs of correcting bugs and maintenance.


Aware of the need and importance for training in the sector, SQS began the search for a new way to share their training experience, the relationship between professionals of the sector and creating community.


In 2001 we discovered how to transmit all our concers, and QA&TEST was born.


The success of the conference is a pride for SQS, consolidated as an ideal platform to exchange knowledge of testing and supported by a large community of experts that has been forged over the years.



August, 06 2018

QA&TEST 2018 Programme

Our conference’s goal is that our attendees improve their skills in testing and QA while becoming part of a worldwide network of embedded testing professionals. How do we get it? First of all, our program reflects current industry hot topics and allows attendees to solve the problems that their companies are facing nowadays.

Get to know QA&TEST 2018 Thematic Tracks!



TRACK 1: DevOps

The speakers of this track will show us how to undertake testing activities in a DevOps environment, and the best ways to address the challenges (cultural and technical) involved in following the DevOps model in an organization.


TRACK 2: Mobile Testing

We will learn how to test mobile applications in all its facets and levels.


TRACK 3: Rails and Roads

Our experts will explain how to develop and implement verification and validation processes (with both functional and non-functional tests) in sectors such as the automobile and railways.

Their examples will be perfectly applicable to other sectors in which complex embedded systems are developed and regulations must be followed


TRACK 4: Test Strategy

We will learn how product testing strategies are designed in companies with different development methodologies


TRACK 5: Test Automation

The speakers of this track will show us solutions and advanced approaches of test automation


TRACK 6: Agile Embedded

We will learn how to implement agile methodologies in distributed and complex developments, which involve embedded systems


TRACK 7: Testing Challenges

We will address the challenges of current developments and systems and how to undertake testing processes in systems that incorporate Artificial Intelligence and / or Machine Learning.



TRACK 8: Advanced testing techniques

New test approaches will be presented using techniques such as Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning. We will also learn how testing can be optimized using these techniques. Likewise, we will talk about the use of “personas” as a key asset not only to test the user experience but also to generate testing scenarios of added value in functional aspects, security, etc.


The complete PROGRAMME of the conference.

May, 31 2018

SQS organizes QA&TEST 2018: First speakers already announced!

As you know, SQS (Software Quality Systems), is the organizer of one of the most important international conferences on Software QA and Testing on Embedded Systems, and we are pleased to announce that in this seventeenth edition


QA&TEST has just launched its new website presenting first names of the programme.

From now on, QA&TEST will continue announcing the rest of the speakers who will participate in this edition until we complete the program both on social networks and on their own website. We encourage you not to miss any news, so keep an eye out!

In addition, we now have an early bird discount for registration to QA & TEST. Do not miss it!

We are looking forward to see you in October in Bilbao and share with you these INTERESTING three days of QA&TEST again.


April, 20 2018


While QA&TEST Technical Committee evaluates the papers received to prepare the Program of the 17th edition of the Conference, the SQS training team does not rest.



In the coming month of May, we will be training about “Advanced Testing” in Bilbao, Madrid and Barcelona, this course is aimed at people who want to expand their knowledge to get to lead a testing department.

In the next month of May, SQS will teach the SQS08 course that has programmed in Bilbao, Madrid and Barcelona on Advanced Testing, aimed at people who want to expand their knowledge to get to lead a testing department.

During the four days of the course, attendees will learn how to design, estimate, plan and select test strategies and coordinate the team in charge. They will learn to identify the risks and the best ways to mitigate them, and guidelines will be given to select the best testing tools and the requirements to implement them.

In the course planned for May 8, 9, 10 and 11 in Madrid there are still places available. Do not hesitate and sign up!

All the information related to the SQS courses is available on the website: Registrations can be made by phone (94480 46 17) or by email:


February, 01 2018

SQS Partner of the European project Boost 4.0

On the 30th of January  and within the framework of the AIC-Automotive Intelligence Center, one of the biggest Big Data initiatives in Europe was launched: Boost 4.0. Oriented to the 4.0 industry and championed by the main automotive manufacturers, Boost 4.0 is led by the Basque industrial group, Innovalia. As project partners, SQS participated in this Kock off meeting.


Boost 4.0 has created a great team with the main European industrial companies including Gestamp, Volvo, Volkswagen, Capvidia, Philips, Siemens, IBM, and Telefónica among many other representative companies of the European Industry. SQS, as a partner of this project, will contribute with its experience and knowledge in systems validation and verification.

The Boost 4.0 initiative will establish a set of smart and connected factories in Europe that will serve as a guide for the European industry. Boost 4.0 is an initiative that in addition to making possible the collaboration between the largest European industrial companies, has a financing of 20million euros and will last 36 months. This initiative will accelerate the adoption of Big Data and advanced analysis solutions in the European Industry thanks to standards, platforms and open APIs, totally reliable and protected.

More information about the project at:


January, 22 2018

SQS repeats its participation in the Mobile World Congress

From the 26th  of February till the 1st of March , SQS will repeat, for the fifth consecutive time,  its participation in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

With more than 100,000 visitors, it is considered as the largest and most important fair in the sector worldwide.

Within the Spanish pavilion, at the stand CS30, we will present our services in the field of testing, betting on improving quality and safety in sectors such as industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, big data, smart cities, etc.

¡Visit us!


January, 18 2018

The programme of the SQS Training Center 2018 is available

The SQS Training Center has presented its calendar of courses scheduled for the first half of 2018.


From the most basic testing concepts to advance testing automation strategies, this courses are run by a team of professionals with over ten years experience in the area of new technologies and they combined the training activity with the performance of their careers as a senior quality consultants.

Keep your team up to date with suitable training!

January, 17 2018

Course on BASIC TECHNOLOGIES AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP for disabled people in Bilbao (29 May)

SQS and the Brazilian company T-Access organise together the course Basic technologies and testing for disabled people.

In SQS we offer software quality and testing services, as well as training in these areas. T-Access, meanwhile, aims to improve the quality of the software and the lives of people with and without disability through applications, services and training in the areas of testing and accessibility.

The course will be held in Bilbao from 9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon.



Course contents:

Basic concepts of technology and entrepreneurship, taking into account the current contents on collaborative tools so that people with disabilities can use technology in a productive way. In addition, basic concepts of entrepreneurship will be presented.

For registration and/or more information: or +34 944 80 46 17


September, 05 2017

QA&TEST presents the 16th edition

The 16th edition of QA&TEST will take place on 25, 26 and 27 October in Bilbao.

The Technical Committee of QA&TEST is working on a very special Programme:

- 2 tutorials
- 3 keynotes
- 22 presentations
- 1 special lecture

Register before 16th September and you will enjoy a special 15% discount. 

Your testing team is interested in coming to QA&TEST?
Contact us and discover our special group discounts.

November, 27 2015

SQS presents the programme of courses of the “SQS Training Center”

The " SQS Training Center "  presents its calendar of courses scheduled for the first half of 2016.


The " SQS Training Center "  presents its calendar of courses scheduled for the first half of 2016.  From the most basic testing concepts to advance testing automation strategies, this courses are run by a team of professionals with over ten years experience in the area of new technologies and they combined the training activity with the performance of their careers as a senior quality consultants.


Keep your team up to date with suitable training!


Go to the course schedule

May, 25 2015

Quality Breakfast 'Internet of Things' organised together with the Eclipse Foundation

On the 21st May in Madrid, we had a special edition of our "Quality Breakfast". SQS organises these "breakfast" periodically, they usually have an eminently training content in the areas of software testing and quality assurance, for instance, we offered breakfast on fundamentals of testing, load and performance testing....organised by our marketing and training departments with the support of the consulting area.



This time, however, we wanted a session with a special approach and therefore, together with the Eclipse Foundation, we presented a breakfast whose aim was to be a point of debate on the challenges and opportunities emerged in the area of the Internet of Things, as well as allowing attendees to know each other and what is being done in this important, and with so many possibilities, sector.

We would like to thank all the participants and especially Gaël Blondelle and Benjamin Cabe, from the Eclipse Foundation, for allowing us to have such an interesting and participatory event!

We would like to share with you a picture of our speaker from SQS, Gorka Santos, together with our marketing manager, Silvia Nuñez, during the event. If you follow us in our social networks, more pictures of the event will be published showing the great atmosphere that was created.

Hope to see you all in the next editions of our "Quality Breakfast".

April, 16 2015

Internet of Things in Madrid - Quality Breakfast organised by SQS and the Eclipse Foundation - 21 May, Madrid

Ayre Gran Hotel Colón - Madrid, 21st of May
SQS is organizing one of its Quality Breakfast jointly with the Eclipse Foundation, this time focused on the Internet of Things. This event offers a unique platform for discussion and debate with representatives from the Eclipse Foundation, a deep knowledge of the Eclipse Foundation offer in relation to IOT as well as key aspects to accomplish and IOT Testing process on behalf of SQS. Don't miss the opportunity to learn and discuss potential cooperation areas establishing ideas of further collaborations.

Are you interested in participating? Register online!



Registration and welcome
What's new about Eclipse: the IDE and beyond! by Gaël Blondelle, Director of European Ecosystem Development at the Eclipse Foundation.

The Eclipse project was born in 2001, and the Eclipse Foundation turned 10. In the digital era, it looks old, but instead of resting on one's laurels, the Eclipse ecosystem innovates in new domains like IoT, Location aware technologies, Embedded Systems and more. This talk will present projects and initiatives you would not expect to find inside the Eclipse community if you still identify Eclipse mainly with the Java IDE. Open you eyes and your ears, and be ready to learn more about open innovation "à la" Eclipse.
Open Source for the Internet of Things by Benjamin Cabé, IoT Evangelist at the Eclipse Foundation

The Internet of Things is coming, and open source developer tools and frameworks are starting to take shape to support it. At Eclipse there is a vibrant community working on the very building blocks of every IoT application, from the standard communication protocols needed to achieve interoperability, to the frameworks that help build efficient and reusable software. In this presentation, Benjamin will be helping you understand the challenges of building IoT solutions, and he will show you why and how you should rely on open source technology for your next IoT project.
Networking breakfast
Testing the IOT. Challenges, Approaches and Tools. Itziar Ormaetxea. SQS TestLab manager

During this part of the session, SQS will show how to undertake testing processes in IOT environments. First of all, we will introduce all the quality aspects to be considered and we will end showing approaches and tools to assess their fulfillment
Last minutes for networking


Click here to register

November, 10 2014

Visit our booth and discover our solutions for testing mobile applications.

SQS will participate in World Mobile Congress, to be held in Barcelona from 2nd to 5th of March 2015.

June, 12 2014

Discover the Programme of QA&TEST 2014

After a very succesfull call for papers, the Technical Committee of QA&TEST and the organization of the Conference are proud of presenting the preliminay Programme of this 13th edition, formed by two tutorials, three keynotes and 24 presentations, divided into the following tracks: Test Management,Testing Safety Critical Systems, Test Automation, Testing Techniques, Lean, Agile and Model Based Testing and QA Management.


During the three days of the Conference, delegates of companies like Intel, Samsung, CGI, Oracle, Practitest and many more, will show you the best techniques to obtain the maximum of your testing processes, reducing costs and time.

Register before 31st July and enjoy 20% special early bird discount!


March, 14 2014

SQS in Mobile World Congress

The Mobile World Congress is considered one of the biggest events in the world of ICT. From 24 to 27 February, around 85,000 people from around the world attended the congress attracted by trends on mobile devices. SQS participated in the event with a booth in which we presented our testing services focusing especially on QMobile, our mobile applications validation and certification service.

December, 26 2013

Share your knowledge! QA&TEST launches the Call for Papers

QA&TEST invites the QA & testing professionals for Embedded Systems to share their knowledge and experiences in the Conference. Participate as a speaker at the 13th edition of QA&TEST will bring you the possibility of establishing direct contact with directors and senior executives of technology companies. QA & TEST will allow you to improve your business network and build relationships with potential customers, from the vantage position of being recognized as an expert in QA & Testing for Embedded Systems.


Download the paper template, send your paper before 31st March 2014 using this form, and enjoy all the benefits that QA&TEST offers! 

We hope you join us next October in Bilbao!


June, 11 2018

A track on Rails & Roads in QA&TEST 2018

Aware of the importance of embedded software in this sector, QA&TEST 2018 will dedicate a complete track to Rails & Roads.

The keynote speaker Michiel Vroon will open the track “Testing road tunnels in the Netherlands” and this complex infrastructural project will be a perfect starting point for the Rail and Roads track.



Throughout his 20 years of experience in the world of testing, Michiel has covered all kinds of functions, such as test automation engineer, analyst, director and testing advisor. In his presentation he will explain his experience as test director of road tunnel safety systems, which include up to 30 different systems, such as fire safety, traffic monitoring, air ventilation, lighting, etc., and all of them should work together through a separate software layer. In his keynote, Michiel will show which are the best practices when facing these challenges and how to propose a strategy, based on his experience along several projects.

The Committee has released three of the names that will make up the track Rail and Roads: Daniel Nilsson, Michal Krzeslak and Madeline Cheah. The Swedish Daniel Nilsson, from QualityMinds company, will focus his talk on test automation and model-based testing within the automotive industry, where the complexity of software is constantly increasing, and where it is essential to review the way of working with tests. It is necessary to look at new methods and new technologies and review the strategies. He will base his presentation on a real case in which his team was involved and will make known the main conclusions and lessons learned.

Michal Krzeslak, meanwhile, will focus on the embedded testing for railway vehicles. He will present the use case and the lessons learned during one of the most important testing projects of his career: the testing of the main driver software for railway vehicles. It was essential to automated test of complex functions related with tractive/braking effort calculation and monitoring.

And the third presentation of this track will be done by Madeline Cheah, whose doctorate in Automotive Cybersecurity certifies her as an expert in systematic security evaluations on automotive interfaces. Throughout her presentation, she will show how the difficulty is compounded by operational and design factors and practices that feature in the automotive industry.


More information in


May, 30 2018

Participate in our survey!

QA&TEST, together with the European R&D Project Autoware, is working on a study to assess the current state of digital transformation in the industry.



AUTOWARE’s purpose is establishing and pushing forward an open CPPS ecosystem, allowing SMEs to access all the different components in order to develop digital automation cognitive solutions for their manufacturing processes.

QA&TEST is the international Conference on Software Testing and QA for embedded systems held in Bilbao and organized by SQS (Software Quality Systems). This year QA&TEST will celebrate its 17th edition.

The objective of this survey is to offer a look at digital transformation and innovation in the industry: Identify which are the areas of the company in which the digital transformation has a greater impact, which are the challenges that must be faced, the main facilitator technologies and the key certifications.

Your contribution will be really valuable so we encourage you to participate in the SURVEY, it won’t take you more than ten minutes.

Thanks a lot for your participation!


March, 09 2018

SQS visits, one more year, the Mobile World Congress

Between the 26th February  and the 1st of March , the Mobile World Congress was held in Barcelona and one more year SQS was there presenting our set of services for the telecommunications industry.

In words of Begoña Laibarra, general manager of SQS, MWC is for us an unavoidable appointment every year: it helps us to establish business contacts of great value for the future, and is "inspiring and very motivating” for the company. “we have known new needs in the sector which will help us to adapt our offer to the  market, "says Laibarra. "The connected world, 5G or mobiles among others, need the quality and security to access the market in a faster and safer way".



We are a specialised software testing and quality company, carrying out verification and validation activities for all types of systems, domains and environments, so our participation in the MWC has been an excellent way for us to know trends and adapt our offer to the existing market needs. For example, within our range of services, we test artificial intelligence systems and machine learning, this is a trend that the market is demanding and where we have enormous potential, especially due to our experience in tests automation.

In terms of mobile tests, we have a service developed by us, Q-Mobile, which allows us to offer a certification service for mobile applications and which is traditionally very well received by our visitors at the MWC booth. Another of our outstanding services during this congress has been the 24x7 monitoring platform. This is an ideal service for those companies that want to know in a simple and economic way the main metrics that determine the quality of their presence on the Internet.

Our visitors also showed great interest in the service that we offer as accredited laboratory according to UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 for load and performance testing. These tests will help us to predict the behavior of the system and, in addition, the methodology of the SQS Laboratory has the guarantee of a proven and accredited quality.

Therefore, and summarising, we value our participation this year in MWC as a success since we have returned to our work in the offices of SQS with new ideas, potential new lines of business to develop and future new customers.


January, 30 2018

New features in our TestWorkFlow tool

TWF is a tool designed to assist us throughout the process of validation and verification of software, allowing us to automate tests, automatically generate test cases and manage requirements, tests and documentation.



TWF allows us to run tests in embedded environments (eg PLCs) but, in response to the demand of our customers who request to be able to assemble and control more complex environments, the new version of the tool reinforces this ability to control and launch tests in embedded systems: Currently, with the new functionalities, from the same equipment we can control different HW input and output devices. These inputs and outputs can be analogue or digital and the communication protocols with which we can work are varied.

To summarise, the new version of TWF allows us to control complex HW and SW environments.

Wish to know more about our tool? Contact us


January, 19 2018

Delivering Value with Agile. Two-day workshop in Madrid with Ben Linders. 23-24 April

SQS organises together with Ben Linders a two-day workshop (in English). In this workshop, the keys to correctly implement agile methodologies in teams and organisations, obtaining the best results, will be given. The course consists of two days of intensive training and exercises, full of examples and suggestions:



Learn how to apply agile practices throughout your organization to develop the right products, deliver faster, increase quality, and improve organizational agility with happy high-performing teams in Madrid the 23-24 April, 2018!

Many teams are adopting an agile way of working hoping to better serve the IT needs of the business and to develop products that satisfy their customer’s needs. The organizations are going through agile transformations, implementing Scrum or Kanban and using large-scale agile frameworks like Lean, SAFe, LeSS or DAD. Unfortunately, those transformations do not always live up to the agile promise of delivering better products, faster, at lower costs.

Ben Linders is an Independent Consultant in Agile, Lean, Quality, and Continuous Improvement, based in The Netherlands. Author of Getting Value out of Agile RetrospectivesWaardevolle Agile RetrospectivesWhat Drives Quality and Continuous Improvement. Creator of the Agile Self-assessment Game.

As an adviser, coach and trainer he helps organizations with deploying effective software development and management practices. He focuses on continuous improvement, collaboration and communication, and professional development, to deliver business value to customers.

Ben is an active member of networks on Agile, Lean, and Quality, and a well known speaker and author.

More information and registration: or +34 94 480 46 17

Price: 735 Euros (lunch included, VAT not included)



Making Agile Work for You (Day 1)

On day one you will experience agile practices that you can apply in your teams:

  • Practice how you can effectively tailor agile for planning your work, doing daily stand-ups with Scrum/Kanban boards, gathering feedback with product reviews/demos, and improving your way of working with agile retrospectives.
  • Learn how to apply agile practices with an agile mindset.
  • Increase your ability to pick those practices that help you to do a better job and collaborate better with your stakeholders.

What will you get out of the first day:

  • Practice working with Agile and Scrum/Kanban: planning, daily stand-ups, product reviews and retrospectives
  • Get ideas for improving collaboration and communication with stakeholders to deliver more value
  • Find out how to deal effectively with impediments to take control and truly become self-organized
  • Learn tips and tricks to improve your agile way of working
  • Get advice on selecting and applying agile (Scrum, Kanban, XP, Lean) practices effectively for you

Improving Organizational Agility (Day 2)

On day two you will learn how your organization can become more agile:

  • Practice how to create an environment that enables teams and empower them to apply agile practices.
  • Learn ways to establish an agile mindset throughout the organization.
  • Create a culture that supports collaboration and which motivates people to work together to create high-quality products and services.

What will you get out of the second day:

  • Practice how to assess your agility with Agile Self-assessments to find out how well you are doing
  • Learn effective ways to travel your agile journey and find out what you need to do this
  • Get ideas for improving collaboration and communication between teams and stakeholders and break down barriers
  • Learn tips and tricks to expand and scale an agile way of working throughout the organization
  • Get advice on selecting and applying agile and lean practices effectively throughout the organization

Registration: or telephone +34 94 480 46 17

January, 17 2018

Course on BASIC TECHNOLOGIES AND TESTING for disabled people in Madrid (30-31 May and 1 June)

SQS and the Brazilian company T-Access organise together the course "Basic technologies and testing" for disabled people.

In SQS we offer software quality and testing services, as well as training in these areas. T-Access, meanwhile, aims to improve the quality of the software and the lives of people with and without disability through applications, services and training in the areas of testing and accessibility.

This three day course will be held on the 30, 31 May and 1 June  at our headquarters in Madrid.




Basic concepts of technology and entrepreneurship, taking into account the current contents on collaborative tools so that people with disabilities can use technology in a productive way. In this course, basic concepts of software testing are also addressed: We will look at all the phases of software development, with special focus on the testing and quality process.

For registration and/or more information: or +34 944 80 46 17


September, 06 2017

Work with us!

In SQS we want to incorporate quality engineers and tests to be part of projects in the railway sector and medical equipment.

- Senior Engineers
- Two years of experience in software development and testing
- Proficiency in English.


September, 04 2017

Course of basic technologies for people with disabilities

SQS and the Brazilian T-Access organize a course of basic technologies for people with disabilities. It will take in Madrid, on 23 and 24 of October.

October, 21 2015


Last 16th October SQS closed the 14th edition of QA&TEST, the international conference dedicated to testing and software quality in embedded systems. During  the days 14, 15 and 16 October, participants  enjoyed a total of 27 lectures, keynotes and tutorials with a high technical and training content, together with professionals from all over the world who  created an excellent atmosphere focused on the vision of an industry in constant evolution.


This year,  we had the pleasure to welcome companies  such us Intel, Sioux Embedded or Mapscape among others, as well as universities from Israel and Belgium and other institutions such as the FCA of UK Government.

During these three days, QA&TEST gathered more than 150 software quality and testing professionals  worldwide, confirming the international interest in software quality and consolidating QA&TEST conference as the perfect event for the continuous training of software engineers, testing engineers as well as project managers. QA&TEST helps attendees to be introduced in a dynamic of continuous improvement that is essential to every business.

SQS want to thank all the professionals  who attended the conference and especially our technical committee,  speakers and exhibitors. Thanks to them, once again we had a great edition of the conference with three days of learning and networking.

See you at QA&TEST 2016!

April, 20 2015

Open positions: Test Engineer and Technical Salesperson

Currently we are looking for professional that fulfill the following profiles: Test Engineering and Technical Salesperson. Send your CV to

TEST ENGINEER: higher technical education, with experience in embedded systems testing, preferable in security critical environments. Desirable experience in sectorial normatives and a high level of English.

TECHNICAL SALESPERSON: Preferably higher technical education. Indispensable previous experience and high level of English. Knowledge of French and German will be appreciated.


January, 30 2015

Be part of the leading provider of software quality consultancy services. Be part of a young, evolving and motivated team

Currently we are looking for professional that fulfill the following profiles: Test Engineering and Technical Salesperson. Send your CV to

Test Engineering with testing experience: load, performance and stress testing, and also functional test. Experience in Test Automation and good knowledge of English will be appreciated.

Preferably higher technical education. Indispensable previous experience and high level of English. Knowledge of French and German will be appreciated.


September, 18 2014

SQS, accredited laboratory to perform load and performance testing

We are pleased to inform you that since last July SQS has obtained recognition as an accredited laboratory to perform load and performance testing. This accreditation was granted by ENAC according to the criteria followed by UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025, as an international recognition. Thus, we have become the first and only accredited laboratory in Spain to carry out this kind of software testing and one of the few in the world.


SQS has a strong international presence and this accreditation will allow us to strengthen our position in this market as it demonstrates the validity of our method and indicates that the results of our tests are comparable with those obtained by any other laboratory with similar accreditation within the world. 

Getting this accreditation required a major effort made by the whole professional team and we are currently working to extend this accreditation to other testing processes. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional information.

March, 14 2014

QA&TEST 2014 - You still have time to submit your paper!

You still have time (until March 31st) to participate in the Call for Papers of QA&TEST 2014.The technical committee of QA&TEST invites the professionals of QA & testing for Embedded Systems to share their knowledge and experiences in the Conference. During the month of May, we will publish the programme of the 13th edition of the conference. Do not miss the opportunity to be part of this event that brings together professionals and experts from different sectors, such as railway, aviation, pharma, electronics, banking, insurance and telecommunications with the intention to disseminate the latest advances and technological developments in Testing and Quality Assurance in embedded systems.


Download the template and send the documents using this form.

You will find here all the information related to the Call for Papers. Hope to see you next October in Bilbao.

December, 27 2013

Customized courses

Your company has specific training requirements that are not fully covered by the programmed courses. We offer you the opportunity to design personalised courses for your software quality team.